Nickerson Stamps is a full-time, independently owned and operated Philatelic Proprietorship offering world-wide stamps for collectors.

Nickerson Stamps has been offering stamp approvals for more than 40 years to an established clientelle. Nickerson Stamps began in the mid 1970’s under Bob and JoAnn Nickerson. Through several partnerships and large stock purchases from retiring dealers, the stock has grown to include every country of the world. In 1999, Bob and JoAnn decided to retire and sold the stamp business to their son, Steven Nickerson.

Steven continues to offer one of the largest stamp stocks and approval businesses in Canada. Nickerson Stamps has an ever increasing stock of mint and used Worldwide stamps from very old to very recent material. Nickerson stamps offers a very comprehensive inventory approaching $1.6 Million. All our customers are treated like family, in a very personal, friendly and trusting manner. As such, Nickerson Stamps is one of the largest approval dealers in Canada with a massive 1.6 million-dollar world-wide stock that is constantly changing and growing.

Nickerson Stamps presently serves several hundred regular customers each month with ongoing approvals. Many of the customers have been with Nickerson Stamps since the late 1970’s.

You are very welcome to complete the online application and try the stamp approval service without obligation. Approvals are an excellent way to view the stamps you need and examine what you are buying without obligation.